How to pack Efficiently

This post will be short and useful, I promise.

So tomorrow I’ll be in a plane headed to Greece. We’ll stay for ten days, visiting Mykonos and Santorini. “A lot of stuff to pack” you may think. Well… yes and no. Yes because we’re talking about ten days in which many things can happen, and when I say many I’m thinking to the weather that can change easily being in September, so we need at least a sweater and an extra pair of jeans. And no, because anyway, we’re going to the sea. I’ve never been in Greece before, but from what I heard and seen, Mykonos it’s about nice beaches and pool parties so all I need is a swimsuit or two, or ten. It doesn’t matter how many you pack, it matters how you pack them.

Years ago I search for a method to pack my clothes in order to unpack them without being all wrinkled, and I find out that if you roll them instead of folding them, not only that you don’t need an iron but you can pack more. I don’t know for sure how that works, but if you roll your clothes there’s more space in the suitcase. So this is how I packed for my ten days vacation in Greece. I don’t feel that I had to renounce at something, or that I over packed. Everything is well put, from shoes to shampoo, without having a mess, or asking for help to close the suitcase.

Hope this was helpful.

P.S: If you have other tips that I didn’t mention here, feel free to share it with me in the comment section. 🙂  And yes,  I have just one medium size suitcase, I don’t need more.




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