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Venice…One of Coco Gabriele’s favorite city where she found inspiration for her timeless creation. And now the same city holds her exhibition of books, clothes, personal jewelry and decorative objects from her apartment in Paris.
We always see the beautiful creations of the artists ( I’m not talking only about the designers ) and we’re welling to judge, but we never know what’s behind them! A little piece of art like a photography, a sculpture or a clothing item could have no meaning for us at all or no meaning till we find out the story. Once we find out what’s behind them, what thing, thought or circumstance gave birth to that element, only then we can understand what that photography, sculpture or clothing item wants to tell us. For decades fashion lovers and not only, admires Coco Chanel’s work but how many of us know what has inspired her? This exhibition is a great opportunity to discover the real Gabrielle Chanel, the authors that she liked to read, the friends with she changed post cards, the presents that she received and cherished. The meaning of every single decorative object of her apartment. You can see her hand writing, the way she talk, her sketches. Seeing those personal and intimate things of her made me feel like I’ve discovered a treasure! I don’t want to ruin all the surprise, if happens to be there until 8th of January 2017 take a walk to Ca’Pesaro Modern Art Museum and enjoy this incredible experience!











Inserisci una didascalia

Location : Ca’Pesaro Modern Art Museum

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