The secret love affair…

What I could say about Venice that haven’t been said yet? I’m sure you already heard about its picturesque near streets and canals. The romantic ride in gondola, the way Piaza San Marco is colored at sunset, the hundreds of pigeon that give life to it early in the morning when nobody’s around. How everything is so mysterious by night that a simple walk in the city makes you feel like you’re the main character in a movie or in a book ( you can choose the drama depending on your mood ) where the action is about to happen or the secret is about to be discovered! The city where every corner looks the same but it’s different. Well, I’m sure you already heard about these things. So I’m not gonna talk about them again. Instead, I’m gonna say how this city makes me feel like.

For me being in Venice is like having a secret love affair. Yes, you read that well. It’s something special about that city that I can’t share with anyone else when I’m there. It belongs exclusively to me. Tiny little moments that I catch with my eyes and no one else is aware of. The intriguing way the city invites me to get lost alone on its streets. How I walk between two tall buildings who are so close that I can touch both with my hands in the same time, watching up at the sky and thinking “a claustrophobic person would not be able to take this street.” And from that stepping directly into a piazza. Open space full of people and children running after pigeons, laughing and suddenly I’m in the crowd again. One moment it’s scary and empty and the second after it’s full of people and joy.

That’s with this city. I never know what’s around the corner. It surprises me with every step I take. We are allies and rivals in the same time. And I will always go back like at a secret lover. Never knowing how the date will be.










Bag: Pirovano / Shoes: Angelo Bervicato / Shirt: OVS / Skirt: Zara / Cardigan: H&M


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