Black Friday

When a black Friday is a happy Friday can mean one thing: sales! I’m sure it’s more a happy day for women than for men but…at least someone is happy! Honestly, this is the first time ( yes, I know, I was living under a rock ) when I notice the meaning of this day. Why? Because a site from where I often buy clothes, sent me an email, telling me that they have 20% sale on everything!! Usually when I read or hear the word “sale” it doesn’t get much of my attention but when I hear “on everything” well…now you get my attention. So I took a virtual step on their site and go straight to a pair of  lace up velvet shoes that I was keeping in my heart for a long time ( two months ). To be honest, 20% sale is not much but it’s enough to give you that impulse to buy something that you don’t really need but you want it. I didn’t need those shoes, it’s not an expensive pair, but before this sale I always thought that I have enough pairs ( yes, sometimes I actually think that I have enough clothes and shoes and bags! ). Just the fact that I saw that price going down with some numbers, made me hit the “add to shopping bag” button. Sorry not sorry. Anyway I’m ( sometimes ) very calculated and don’t go hysterical on this king of news. Thing that we all should do. Happy wise shopping everyone !


Shoes: Asos

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