Saturday in Milano

Begins with breakfast. Avocado and stuff. I’m not the “cappuccino e brioche” kind of

person. I’m someone who eats a lot, I can’t live with coffee till launch hour. By the way: I don’t drink coffee, never did. 

Today was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to walk on Milano’s streets. I started from Colone di San Lorenzo, then went in Via Torino to visit some stores. It’s been a while since I shopped from stores, I was surprised to see how many beautiful things I can find. Patience is not something I was gifted with, so for me it’s easily buying online.

The sun was up but the temperatures down and I felt the need to cover my head. H&M was right there so I gave it a try. I found a nice beanie, dusty pink, one of my favorite color so I took it even if it didn’t went well with my outfit. Sometimes I just don’t care about that but about my health. When it’s cold I cover myself!
 Right before H&M store, there’s a cute place called “Eat me and Go” with a decent variety of food, fresh drinks and sweets. I was feeling hungry so we stopped for a quick snack.
I’m in a search for a white high neck ruffled blouse, for a while, and I thought it’s a nice occasion to enter in some more stores in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. I didn’t found what I was looking for because that thing is in my head, I didn’t saw it anywhere so it’s a bit difficult to find it in a store. But I did found a very cute top that I wanted to buy, I even stayed in the line and when was nearly my turn I just walked away. You know the saying: “buy now or cry later”? Well that’s me. I always think I have enough, but after walking away from stores with bare hands, my mind can’t think at something else. Now I think at that cute little blouse that I didn’t bought.
Anyway the time was young and we had to decide what we’ll do next. Between going to cinema or an aperitivo, we chose aperitivo. Lately there’s nothing at the cinema to worth the time and the money. The Aperol terazza was right there and we wanted to enjoy the beautiful view over the Duomo Cathedral. As usual, it never disappoints.
Happy weekend everyone!








Long black coat: Promode/ Vintage St. James bag/ Beanie from H&M

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