Sunday In Milano

Today was not just a regular Sunday. It was the last Sunday of the month, that means

antiquities market on Naviglio in Milano. It’s my favorite market in this city because it takes me from this too modern reality, where everything about clothes, furniture, personal objects are just so simple, so banal, so boring and transporting me in the baroque era where everything was so elaborate, so rich of details, so sparkly.  I absolutely love everything about it.

I must say that I never get to see the entire market. It’s too big, one day is not enough when I spend minutes in front of a box full of 18st century’s jewelry. Beautiful bracelets, earrings, necklaces, the real chokers, antique lace and velvet. I’m not so good at describing in details those wonderful things but the pictures will speak for themselves. When I walk through those things I like to imagine myself in a house that I can decorate as I please, with golden framed paintings, mirrors and chandeliers, dusted pink velvet sofa and little angels everywhere. I know it’s just a matter of time until that day will come. I didn’t brought anything this time. I save for Christmas gifts. I have a big family.
Enjoy the pictures 🙂















Location:  Naviglio Grande, Milan Italy / When: Every last Sunday of the Month, except December and August

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