Happy Birthday România

For some, 1st of December means just the beginning of a new month, the last month of the year, or a simple day in calendar. For me it’s more than that. On first of December, I celebrate, together with my conationals the National Holiday of Romania 🇷🇴! For those who didn’t know yet, I’m Romanian!
Living in another country for six years, didn’t changed the way I feel inside, my beliefs, my values, my fears and my dreams. I have made the integration of myself into a new culture, not so different from mine, I must say, without renegading my roots. I’m aware of the differences that exists between my two words and I accept that.
Staying in my room in Milano and writing this, really makes me wishing I was in my country now, participating at the parade with my family. I can imagine the joy and the positive thoughts that everybody has in this moment hopping for a better future of our country and all over the world!
Happy Birthday Romania!!

La mulți ani România!!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday România

  1. Wow ! love your blog ! I really mean we could be friends in “real” life too! Just love everything you write here! I could put my signature on lots of your posts! Like it and keep on good work ❤️


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