Alta Moda goes in Asia

Some days ago I saw on my Instagram ( @girlisart ) the Dolce&Gabbana’s couture show in Hong Kong. I saw a picture, then a video and then, I wanted to see more.

This is the first time D&G presents a collection outside of Italy.

The marvelous show took place at the Peninsula Hotel, one of the most spectacular and oldest hotels in Hong Kong. The chandelier garlanded, art deco lobby was perfect for what Domenico and Stefano had in mind for their “A little bit last Emperor” inspired collection, “But the DNA of the collection is very Dolce & Gabbana.” “We really wanted to show in a hotel” said Domenico Dolce; “Because of the glamour. We want to do shows the way they used to be – the proper way.” And why in Hong Kong? “Because we love it here” they both said. “Joyce boutique In Hong Kong was one of ours earlier supporters.” As for the asian clients; “They like the same things all our customers like,” says Gabbana. “But they wear it differently. They can wear the most embellished pieces with a very natural attitude. It’s changing the way we approach the collections.”

And they needed that natural attitude because the collection was an extraordinary infusion of unique golden embroidery, pearl encrusted cocktail dresses, gold lace, rose printed silk skirts, gold filigreed shoulder pieces, ruched lace, sequined dresses, fur capelets, plus dresses and separates encrusted with pearls or stones. Let’s not forget about the jewel-encrusted tiaras. The menswear, too, was a familiar mix of often heavily embellished suiting with a dash of hand-painted sportswear and the occasional sweeping fur, all worn above slippers heaped with yet more gold detailing. All on a red velvet runaway and Verdi-heavy soundtrack. What a spectacle!!

I can’t wait to see the one they had prepared for January in Milan.


I have to say that I’m fascinated about the story behind haute couture. The romanticism and the magic they perfectly recreate on a dress, a shoe or a purse. We can see the fairy tale walking down the runway. We can wear it. We are part of the fairy tale.

And with that sentence I wanted to end this post, but sitting on my desk and writing this, makes me thinking better at this blog, at what I am doing, and how I can do it better. And there’s just one way. Forgetting about the quantity and thinking more at quality. So from now on I will write only about the things that I am truly interested in, and I am afraid that baroque era, haute couture and art are the ones that I am most excited about.

Yours Truly



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