How I made it ( Part 1 )

Sometimes we just look at our closet and want to throw, if not all our clothes, at least half of them, away. And sometimes it’s better to take a deep breath in and make a good selection. When I make this selection I have three categories: I never wear them, so they will disappear, I sometimes wear them so I’ll continue to keep them, and I can recycle them. In the last category enters the items that I didn’t wore for the last two years but they are still good clothing items that would be just too cruel to throw them away ( when I say “throw” I intend giving them to charity. In Italy we have these big yellow boxes on the streets, that are destined to charity centers,  where we can put the clothes or shoes that we don’t use anymore ).

So I give them a second life. How? I modify them.

If you have had read some of my posts means that you already know how much I love the baroque era. Not only in the wonderful interior design but also in clothing area. The good thing is that timing is perfect, because this trend keeps holding the high levels in fashion industry. Takin advantages of this, I decided to transform the old  green velvet blazer from something simple into something more sophisticated that reminds me the baroque era. It was so simple!! So basically  I’ve cut off the buttons and hand sewed some golden decorative details that I bought from a local market with 1 euro/m. I’m very pleased with the result. I already wore it in several occasions and received compliments for it ( very proud 😀 ). I know that it’s not the best or the most beautiful blazer with golden decorative details that I could make or have, and like any hand sew item has its defects,  but it’s something that has my mark on it, something that was made with love and passion and good energy.  And let’s not forget about the most important thing: it’s unique! I’m the only one who has it. I know that I could have bought one from Zara, they have some very cute ones, but I chose not to get rid of this one and give him a second chance.

This experience made me realize how beautiful and important is to never stop creating things. Doesn’t matter if it’s something small, something that only you will see or something without utility but made out of passion. Never stop express yourself or your ideas.

I’m really glad that this is my last post for this year, and I’m talking about creativity, because I don’t see another wonderful way to end a year and to start another one, than with positive vibes and a mind full of ideas, waiting to be materialized. 2017 will going to be epic!!

Happy New Productive Year

P.S.  Stay tuned, because on my selection I found other things to transform. Can’t wait to share those with you guys, as well.



Blazer H&M ( self customized )/Ruffled Shirt from Coconut/ Hight waisted Pants/ Moschino shoes 




7 thoughts on “How I made it ( Part 1 )

  1. Your jacket is super cute! I love the idea of recycling clothing! 🙂 hmm… now it has me thinking of my own closet. My husband hears me complain every other day about having “nothing” to wear. But if I can turn some of the “good” clothing into something up-cycled…. that will be perfect! Thanks 🙂


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