Playing tourist with Spotlime app

Milano…The city of culture, fashion, love, happy hours and my favorite gelato.
I could write so much about this splendid city but it would be nothing new. I think everything was already said.

Being caught between work and home, I sometimes forget where I live. The beauty of this place is that it gives so much to its habitants. If I want to feel like I’m in vacation I just go in Piazza Duomo ( As I chose today ).  Blending with tourists is so much fun. If I want to listen to life music all I have to do is choose what kind of music do I want to hear. If I want to go cultural I just pick a gallery or a museum. If I want to join some writers to hear their stories, future projects and so on it’s easy to be informed where, when and if it’s free entry or how much it costs. Aperitivo on a rooftop with a great view it’s always a good idea. Well you might wonder how do I know everything that happens in the city. The answer is simple: SPOTLIME . It’s a great app that I discovered three years ago and it’s one of my favorite  app that I have in my phone. I seriously wouldn’t know where to go without this app. I remember the days before Spotlime when me and my friends used to met in a spot and from there to decide where to go but the struggle of picking a place to satisfy our preferences was so real. We simply couldn’t decide because we didn’t knew what happens and where so we almost every time ended up in some boring bars or walking the streets for hours without taking a decision. This app is a time saver and an encyclopedia of live events. The good thing is that you can use it for Rome and Florence also. So if happens to be a tourist in one of these cities just download Spotlime and you would feel just like one of its habitants.


Jeans Mom Bershka / Lace up black sweater / Boots Zara / Bag Vintage / Fluffy stripes coat


8 thoughts on “Playing tourist with Spotlime app

  1. Beautiful article Alina! I was in Milano several times and next time I will for sure use that app. I love to feel like a local in new city.

    The photos have great atmosphere!



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