The girl with a red rose

This post is not about waiting for someone to surprise you on Valentine’s Day.
This post is about surprising yourself. It’s about loving yourself. Yes. You don’t need no one to tell you “I love you” “You’re beautiful” “You’re special”. No. Because you already know how beautiful you are, how special you are. Love yourself because you are more than enough. Don’t look at couples and envy them. You have nothing to be envious about. Build a special relationship with you. Experiment things. Get to know yourself better. Spend time alone. It’s not sad. It will enlightening you. Treat yourself every now and then. Those beautiful roses…Stop staring at them and buy the whole bouquet! It will put a big gorgeous smile on your face in an instant. Have you ever dressed nice and been at a dinner alone?? The feeling is amazing! Just you and your thoughts enjoying a good meal and a glass of wine…You should try it. It will empower you! Don’t mind the curious looks of your table neighbors. They don’t understand the satisfaction of an independent woman being so confident on her that she can take dinner alone in a fancy restaurant. Yes, make that reservation in a fancy restaurant. You deserve it. And don’t forget to order desert. Also, do this often. Don’t wait a special day in calendar. Love yourself always not just on 14th of February.









                          Both looks from Zara including the shoes / Fishnet tights Calzedonia


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