Road trip to Cinque Terre ( part two )

…I did a last try to that ticket machine without any working sign while my train arrived
in the station. I had to run and take the stairs to catch it. Two seconds before being in the train I thought that I don’t want to wait another half hour in that cold, and two seconds after I got in the train I thought “my next ten minutes will be so stressful because I don’t have a ticket”! Don’t follow my example. Traveling without ticket it’s the most stressful thing for me. I can’t enjoy the landscapes, the sweet swing of the train, the nice conversation with the person next to me…

In the end the longest ten minutes were over and I finally arrived in Monterosso. The streets were still full of people, the restaurants also, I can’t say this about the terraces. Too soon, too cold. I did a nice walk from the station to my hotel, watching the people, the shops windows, thinking how wonderful life is.
The first thing I did as I arrived in my room was to put my feet in hot water. Nothing relaxes and warms me like a hot water feet bath. The rest is all about bed and dreams. I woke up at eight or nine, I don’t remember well, I put on the warmest clothes I had and I went out to find a nice place to have breakfast. The sky was even darker than the day before and small drops of rain were present. That made me want to eat no matter what and where so I entered in the first panificio on that street, I ordered a fresh orange juice and a slice of apple pie. I was disappointed that the lady who made the orange juice filled just half of my cup. They should have smaller cups if they don’t want to fill it all. But like in every situation you need to focus on the half full of the glass and enjoy. So I ate everything till the last drop of it and I decided that I don’t want to stay there anymore.

The plan was to stay the entire weekend to visit Vernazza, Corniglia and Riomaggiore. Well, the plan has changed so I packed everything, I put it in the car and drive to a place that I love and doesn’t matter how cold it is, that place never lose its charm. The surroundings are so beautiful, every street, every corner, every villa, the palms, the sea, the boats…it just warms my heart and my eyes. A little heaven on earth. Everything about that place is so chic and summerish…

To be continued

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

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