An unforgettable surprise in Portofino

…At first I didn’t knew where that voice came from, the balcony was so crowded with
flowers and paintings that I barely noticed the old man. When I finally saw him I said yes, I would love to. I was in such an ecstasy that I didn’t even think twice. The staircase that took to the balcony were full of flowers and the wall full with paintings on different sizes and colors. We introduced ourselves and he invited me in his home which is also his atelier. I was so trilled, I didn’t know where to look at! The walls were literally covered with his works, his office also. He apologized for “the mess” and he invited me in his living room and he showed me other works saying that he had to renounce at a part of his books in favor of his works! Everything was magical! That place so beautiful decorated with old things, opened to his public but in the same way very intimate. That house surrounded by flowers and palm trees and from one of his balcony I could see the port. No wonder why he paints boats.
He explained his techniques, where he finds inspiration, and he told me that he also has an atelier in Maldives! He mostly paints boats that accost in the port of Portofino during summer but not only.
I still had the pink flower that I picked in the garden of Splendido Hotel in my hand and he thought that it’s artificial, made from plastic because seemed like the ones that I had on my Kimono. So he went on his balcony and picked a gardenia and gave it to me…And that was the moment I deeply fall in love with that heavenly perfume of that gorgeous white flower! Now I want my balcony to be full of gardenia! I’m still searching. That perfume is like a drug for me!
He said to pick something if I like and he will put his signature on. I always wanted something from this beautiful city as a souvenir but never found that something special, now I finally did! I chose a frame with different little paintings.

His name is Corrado Cohen Luria. You can find him and his gallery online.
I arrived home drunk by the smell of the flower and with a heart full of joy and memories to cherish forever! Once again I told to myself “Life is wonderful”!

     The end

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He’s most recent work. He’s friend’s boat.

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


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