Happy Birthday Girlisart

… I don’t know where to start…so I’ll start from the beginning: I made this blog one year ago because I used to read a lot of other blogs, and it made me want to have my own virtual space where I can post whenever I want whatever I want. So I came up with this name simply because I really do think that girls are a form of living art. So different from each other, so unique, with so many things that are going through our minds.
A lot of things happened since my first blog post…writing my thoughts and stories made me digging deep in my brain and realize so many things. One of them is that I don’t really have my own style. I can wear from two pieces suit and high heels to petite dresses and flip-flops, from shorts and t-shirt to silk shirts. This is a thing that I want to change. I really do want to have my own style, my brand, a thing that is recognized from the first second that someone looks at my pictures. I’m working on that but I need to experiment a few things first.
What I love most about having a blog is the fact that it always keeps me busy. My mind is constantly thinking at new places to go, new looks, new photography ideas. Everywhere I look, every corner can become a great place for a picture. An apple on a table from a different angle can make a beautiful Instagram post. My mind is thinking in pictures. I love that. I’m still limited with time ( because I have a regular job, sometimes I work 12 hours a day, especially this month ) and my photo camera isn’t that great but working with what I have and trying to make something beautiful out of it is even more challenging and satisfying.
For example, for this post I wanted to be in an open space with a bouquet of colorful flowers in my hands. 15th of August was the only day I could take these pictures because it’s a national holiday and I had a day off from work. But I wasn’t the only one who had a day off. Every single store was closed in that day so I had to improvise. I just picked up what I thought it could make a decent bouquet, and at the end I really liked the way those plants matched my bag and the location.
And I know that these limitations will last for a while ( hope not too much tho ) but I will keep making what I like most because the joy that I feel every time I succeed to materialize the things I had in mind, is infinite. Even if the feedback is not always so great, if I feel that I did a pretty good job, than, this is all that matters to me.
Another positive thing is that I made a lot of new friends. We support each other and motivate to go further. I also made some collaboration with brands that I like and more to come in the near future and that is something wonderful because I didn’t expect to have less than a year of blogging and already receiving such interesting proposals.
Now, at one year distance since my very first post, I can say that I have taken one of my best decisions creating this, because it has filled my life with such a beautiful feeling of positivity, optimism, gratitude and the purpose of creating something every day, seeing the beauty in places where others can’t see it. This is what it means to me living a happy life.

Happy birthday GIRLISART.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Vintage bag / Dress from Pull&Bear / H&M earrings and shoes 



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