Romantic by the sea

Being “by the sea” as my favorite hashtag like to say whenever I post a picture ( on my Instagram account @girlisart ) where is involved a beach or the sea, can be a perfect moment to forget about makeup, great hair ( not my case anyway, I never wear makeup or have flawless hair ) and awesomeness, and just be yourself free from any thought playing careless in the salt water. But sometimes, ( rarely my case ) you just want to feel pretty even though you are surrounded by sand and salt water. Well my luck comes with the fact that I have the opportunity to go almost every weekend in Finale Ligure #bythesea. One of my favorite beach there is Finale Est because the view is a fairytale with blue blood and castle surrounded by palms and flowers and sea. And at least for once, I wanted to somehow complete the view. For that I tried my best to look cute ( without makeup and gorgeous hair ) in my pretty bikini that has hand sewed flowers on it and that delicate “bianco pana” color. The flowers that I picket from a restaurant terrace’s helped a lot. Of course I imagined myself living in that mysterious castle. A girl can dream, even if it’s barefoot, right?

Swimsuit by Miss Naory 



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