Lost in creation

Long time no writing right? It’s strange how this happens…exactly when I plan to
be consistent in posting on the blog, it’s then that I block myself mentally and I can’t produce any single coherent phrase. Anyway a lot of things happened since Girl is Art made one year old, ( happy birthday to my baby ) like me moving back to the city ( Milano ), finding a new job, new house, trips to Paris, Venice, Bellagio and Florence totally UNEXPECTED AND SPONTANEOUS!!! But these are the best memories, right?? Maybe I will make a post about them too. But most important I just feel that I have grown so much on a spiritual level. It’s insane how so many things happened in such a short time. I just have to get used with all this without having time to think about it too much. In a way I like it because this doesn’t allow me to overthink as I always do, and most of the times I end up not doing the things that I would want to, but in a way I kinda feel that I don’t have the full control of my actions…anyway I’m very happy with all the changes that I live right now and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Oh boy, I feel so good now that I wrote this and post it. I care about this blog because I made it from scratch. I stayed awake many nights to figure out how to change colors, and borders, and learn what is a widget, and how to make the pages in dashboard and why I can’t have plugins, and so on. It’s mine, I worked hard to it, and I’m proud of what I did even if it’s not the best blog you have seen. I feel guilty when I don’t post, I don’t want to abandon it.

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