Keep doing it for yourself

So yesterday I was coming back home from cinema and as usual when I’m a passenger in the car, I just grab my phone to see what’s new.  Long time ago I discovered a private Facebook group where people discuss about everything Instagram is ( new algorithm, growing strategies, monetizing, themes, etc ). It’s a great group chat where I have learned a lot from. I seriously had no idea what a media kit is or a reach and impression is before being part of that group. But this is not all that I have discovered within this FB page. Yesterday a girl made a question about how she can grow her income from blogging and she asked people to be honest about their monthly blogging  income. The answers just shocked me. I mean, it wasn’t something new to me, I knew that people make a lot of money 💰 with their blogs but when I say “people” I think about those very famous bloggers that, we all know about. I never thought that a normal blogger like me can make up to 4k monthly just from blogging about food, diapers, how to deal stress and reviews of skin care products. That’s something new to me. They actually earn 500$ per post and they are not famous.

My reaction to this was a cocktail of mixed feelings like a lot of  adrenaline ( I can do it too, OMG, I should definitely work harder, I’m sure I can do it ), confusion ( how can someone earn that money just by talking about food and diapers ) and anger ( what the heck I did all this time? Am I really that stupid? ) Bitter sweet cocktail huh!

The entire road back home I could not stop thinking and asking myself what they do differently? Why they can earn and I can’t? Why?? I was so determined to arrive home and read all I could find  about driving traffic on your site, how to schedule your posts, making the “to do list”, being more organized, working harder and so on.

But then I stopped and asked myself why am I reacting like this? Just because I saw $$$ the numbers? It’s incredible to see what money can do to us. Unbelievable!! I already have a job, I’m an INDEPENDENT WOMAN ( I love to say that, it gives me a huge satisfaction) I have everything I need and want. A few days ago I was thinking about my life and how it is and I have realized that I am living the life I was dreaming about some years ago. And for that I’m deeply grateful. Slowly my dreams came true and I didn’t even realized that. Because everything happens to us at the right time and with its own rhythm but that’s another story and maybe I will do a post about sometime in the future.

So I took a mental travel back in time to see when all this started and why. I had my first blog in 2014. It was called “Mellifluous Sundays”. I used to make road trips ( I still do ) on Sunday and see so many beautiful places. Italy is such an amazing country. Liguria, Toscana, Garda Lake, Portofino…the landscapes are incredible and I love to take pictures so I made that blog so I can post all those pictures and talk about those beautiful places. That didn’t last much because in 2015 I met a girl who was also in the blogging thing and we thought “why don’t we make a blog together”? We didn’t think much and we did it. It was called “The Epiphany Conflict” ( I’m not sure about the last word tho ). This one it was about fashion mostly and how to follow your bliss. Since I was so into the new one I deleted my old one. But unfortunately or fortunately the second one didn’t last much either. The girl moved to Rome and our long distance blogging relationship had difficulties. And we deleted it. So in 2016 I made a new one which is this, Girl is art, with the main purpose of expressing myself in every way possible. Writing about all that crosses my mind, all that I find beautiful, all that inspires me. I really feel that this blog is a part of me, my little baby, my journal. Every time I post something I’m happy. I don’t use strategies, I don’t do it so I can have a lot of daily views or to drive traffic. I just do it because I love to do it! As simple as that!  It’s my space and I arrange it how I please. It’s freedom. I do it for myself.

If you ever find yourself in the same situation ( and I’m not talking only about a blog. It can be every passion you have ) just remember why did you started in the first place. And keep doing it for that reason. But most important; never ever compare yourself with others!!

Stay inspired

4 thoughts on “Keep doing it for yourself

  1. Loved the part where you wrote, “Isn’t it incredible to see what money can do to us?” I agree. We sometimes forget we only need enough $$$ to live on while we fulfill our dream. Anything beyond that should help the ‘dream’ grow, otherwise, what’s the point. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


  2. There is more of a pressure if you have financial reward in mind, for sure. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important to stay grounded by remembering why you blog in the first place, like you said. Money is just not a great motivator by itself. Thanks for this!


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