Don’t wait for a new year to do what you have always wanted to

So…new year…new me?? No, not for me. I started working on myself a long time
ago and this is just a continuous improvement and growth and transformation. The fact that a year has passed and a new one is here doesn’t make me more determined to achieve that thing whatever that thing is. Yes, we can set goals and deadlines in order to be more stimulated but we should not wait for a year to end and a new one to begin so we can start to do something. If you want to workout you should start today regardless if today is the last day of the year or Sunday. Trust me if you would workout on Sunday, you will start even more determined to continue in the week that comes. This was  just an example, I don’t intend to write about exercising even though I know that many of you waited for 2018 to start going to the gym because summer is more close to January than it is to December, right?

So in this new beginning of seasons I just want to say how grateful I am for everything that happened to me, bad and good, they were equal well received, I accept that it has to be a balance in this world and we are part of it. I can’t make a list of things I would like to change or do in this new year because I know I won’t keep my word. I don’t need a new year to start making things, I just need determination. Instead I will write a short list of things that I have learned in the past year.

Gratitude: it’s not something I had learned in the past year, I’ve always been taught  to tank for what I have, no matter how small and maybe insignificant for others that thing can be. And I always did, sometimes more superficially and sometimes I really mean it.  But in a way or another just the last year I felt how much of a difference being grateful can make. In my most difficult times instead of asking “why, why is this happening to me” I said “thank you”. To the Universe, to God to whoever I thought that can hear me, I said Thank you. And it completely changed the way I felt about everything I’ve been through. And after that only great things happened. Believe in the power of gratefulness! It’s magical!

Two simple words: I can! Do you know that feeling when you see someone doing something and you instantly say to yourself “oh I can’t do that, seems so difficult, no man, no way I could do this”. Well you just predicted your skills or performance to something that you may actually be really good at it but your first thoughts and maybe fear didn’t let you to look at those things from another perspective. Those first thoughts are normal. We all have them. The sad thing is  that we stop there instead of thinking also at “what if, what if I could do that?” Everything in this world started with a thought, right? Well it’s enough to change your thought and you will start to change the way you do things. Next time someone or something is challenging you just say “I can!” You will be amazing by the power of these two simple words.

Health. We are all busy chasing those dreams, making money, we have hopes, we have expectations, we have jobs that are taking our time away, for the luckiest of us we may actually living the dream, having it all! And in this time and space called life we forget about the most important and significant gift of them all. Our health. I call it a gift because I look at it like at something that someone gave it to me and all I have to do is take good care of it. It’s not something that I take it for granted. No sir! You may have it today but you may not have it tomorrow. So cherish it, know its importance and teach others how to do so. Because you may have it all, living the dream, but at the end of the day if you or someone dear to you is not healthy, nothing else matters!

So I will end up here my little list because these are the things that are more relevant to me and that works among all, this is what I have learned from the last year. Can’t wait to see what this year has to teach me. I don’t make plans. I like to be surprised.

Stay healthy, say you can and be grateful!




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