Spring, is this you?

First of all let me tell you Happy Easter everyone!! Hope you all had a beautiful holiday surrounded by your dears. I’m orthodox so I’ll celebrate the Easter one week after the Catholic celebration. Honestly all these dates confuses me a lot but that’s not important because I always remember what we actually celebrate and the spirit of this Holiday feels a lot in my family, which is going to Church, painting red eggs and fasting. In the Resurrection day we don’t eat and don’t drink anything until midnight, but if we do we make sure is absolutely vegan, we pray and try to be and to say only good things. I really like it. I grow up with this tradition and in my country is still very present every year. I feel a bit sad when I see that most of the people don’t know what they are celebrating and everything resumes at drinking and eating and having fun when it should be exactly the contrary, but that’s another story that I’m not going to develop here.

The main idea of this post is that spring is finally heeere and I can’t be happier than this! Hope this wasn’t a first April joke from the Mother Nature! Anyway as I like to believe, if the first day of a week or a month is beautiful, the rest of the days will be beautiful too! So I hope this month will be as good as the first day was! It was all sunny and warm which made the day by the lake Como being even better! We had lunch there and visited Villa D’este where we stopped for a drink in their marvelous garden with the lake view. Everything was so serene and relaxing. I wish I could have more days like this. The day before this one was beautiful too because I was at an art exhibition in Como, but it was so rainy with really dropped temperatures and I got a bad cold. Can’t believe what’s a big difference from a day to another. Hope to write some lines about that day too because it’s about art and I really want to give more attention to that subject on my blog too. In the meanwhile you can see on my ig, headline “art” what a beautiful exhibition that was.

All these being said, I wish you guys a beautiful spring ahead full with sunny days and inspiring moments.

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White Corduroy pants/ Purple hand made knitted sweater/ White boots/ Eyewear and earrings vintage




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