Capri, my way

A beautiful island in South Italy. Summer, July and a dream come true. An early teenage dream. I have imagined so many things in all these years about how this place is and how It could make me feel,  but none of them were even close to what I have seen and how I felt being there. It’s simple magical. That, if you know to appreciate the beauty of the things that surrounds you, or if you are a dreamer like me. 

I know that I tend to see things through pink glasses but this is who I am. I chose to see the beauty and chose to say something positive and most important to think positive in every situation I am. And I can’t commit the sin of saying something negative about Capri and my time spent there. 

I can’t say where to stay and where to eat because that depends on a multitude of factors that differ from person to person. But I’ll say just this: don’t be afraid to get lost in the near streets of Capri. And please drink some Limoncello. You will experience a different taste from what you knew that Limoncello tastes like. And please eat some sweets made with lemon cream. You won’t regret that. If you want a beautiful view of the two iconic cliffs in the sea, go to Capri Rooftop Lounge. If you want you can have lunch or dinner there. It’s a beautiful restaurant with great music. And last but very important, take a boat tour to Grotta Azzurra. You will remember that tour for the rest of your life. Most important; don’t forget your camera, a pair of comfy but chic shoes and a SPF 30+ cream. If you want to go extra and your budget allows it, take a taxi  and go on top of the island! 

That’s all. 

Stay inspired

P.S. more pictures from Capri will follow this post.
















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