August 18


August 18. Summer. Laying down on the rocky beach of Imperia, Italy. Wet. All wet and salty. The sun is warming my body. Letting every sense go. Connecting with the surroundings. The sound of waves. Blue sky. Tan people around me. Slowly, slowly every voice starts to disappear. The sea is the only noise I hear and start to remember…Summer, some years ago. Another beach, same country. Me and you. Us. We were us back then. Young and in love. So much in love. Our first and last summer vacation together. But we didn’t knew it will be last. We thought there will be other. That’s why I haven’t kissed you enough. I haven’t looked into your eyes enough. Those deep blue eyes of yours. So gentle and mysterious. Perfectly matched with your pink lips and blonde curls. I didn’t had enough of your face. And your smell…best smell on earth. Remember when you told me that I smell like freedom, when we were hiding under the sheets, playing like kids? Well you smelled ten times better. So pure and good. Like nothing I ever felt before and after. It was the next august when you gave me that strong hug and kiss on my cheek. You knew that it’s the last one and the last time we will ever see each other. But I didn’t. I thought there will be other. August 18. Summer 


Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset



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