I’m back

Hi lovelies! Long time no writing here. My last post was on August 30th, that means I skipped the month of September. Honestly I could not name a reason why I did that, I just took  the time to get used  with the idea that summer is over. As you may know me, I really, really love summer, and I feel super inspired by it, so I guess the first month of autumn left me a bit empty on the inside, without mood for writing or editing. Anyway I will post some of my travels, that I made in September, one of them was really special and very much needed, so I can’t wait to post it.

Another thing that I would like to talk with you guys about, is the way I travel and how I can afford to visit all the places I post on  My Instagram account.  The reason I want to do this is because I want to be more transparent about my life and to show you the reality behind every picture. I’m not one of those people who believe what they see on social media, I tend to question everything, but I know that there are people who literally believe everything they see on social media. For exemple: if they saw me posting pictures from Capri, Cote d’Azur  or Paris, they could think that I have a lot of money and I can afford to travel to those pretty expensive places. The reality is different and I think that would be nice  to share with you some of my travel tips, but for that I need your feedback. Do you guys want me to share with you how I travel?? If yes, please leave a comment below and tell me what’s one of my travels that you would like to hear details about?? 

Can’t wait to share everything with you! 

Love you







2 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Travel is a wonderful thing to write about! It inherently involves so many emotions and even merely reviewing the practical aspects can be rewarding when presented in context.


    1. Thank you for your thoughts. It’s true, it’s nice to share the emotions that a travel gave us, through a blog post, and it’s even more practical for those who read it, to share some tips with them.


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