Don’t be afraid to wear colors, sometimes, it could brighten your day

Note: this blog post is completely useless, no one cares about what the heck am I wearing, because I don’t even care what the heck am I wearing,  but I’ll do it anyway.

So. I remember some years ago, like 3 or 4, when my wardrobe was predominantly black. Just a few pair of blue jeans, a camel trench and that was all about the colors in my closet. But I had a pair I still have it – of red high heels that were my absolute favorite from all my wardrobe, and with them I remember a nice thing a french guy said to me after I posted a picture with me wearing them on my old instagram account; “you should wear those sexy shoes on the streets of Paris”. That was a hella cute invite to meet him, and I did some years after but everything gone really bad, completely the opposite of my expectation and I don’t even know exactly what happened, maybe it was him, or maybe it was me, or maybe his mother or the wrong alignment of the planets or whatever but this is a completely different story so I’m gonna continuing with writing about colors.

Yeah, to make it short: try wearing colors. Maybe you will like it. Especially red shoes.

P.S. this blog post gone wrong, this is not what I had in mind but you know…memories of a past crush and Venus in retrogade…so…

Stay inspired








   Skirt and shoes-Bershka , Silk shirt-Piccarda Firenze, bag-MeliMelo, Ring-Anni Cernea



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