Present moment

31 december 2018. 10 pm. not midnight yet but outside the fireworks started to make a lot of noise. The world is impatient to say good-bye to this year and to enter in the next one.

I’m alone in my rented attic. I listen Marvin Gaye – If This World Were Mine (Claes Rosen Remix ). Beautiful song. Makes me day dreaming. Near the keyboard there’s a glass of prosecco. I know, I deserve champagne but that’s all I could find in the fridge. I haven’t done any preparations for this night. Everything is perfect the way it is. My mind is clearer than ever. I feel an inner peace that I haven’t felt before. I meditate a lot lately. I know who I am, what I want, where I’m heading to…I remember how difficult it was for me to answer these question three years ago. Now I have the exact answer. The picture is so clear, in vivid colors.

2017 was a difficult year that changed me a lot from inside out. The only option I had, was to adapt and grow. 2018 settled me and gave me the balance that I needed. It put me in the best place I can be right now in order to achieve all my goals. We, sometimes, don’t see this immediately and we don’t understand why some things happen. But once you see the changes,  you understand that everything is connected.

I haven’t made resolutions for 2019. I know that I’m in a constant progress, regardless the year that ends or the one that begins. It’s just me against me or for me. Everything is in my mind. The best I can do is to live in the present moment. Because in this moment I feel more alive than ever. Full of joy and happiness. I’m wearing a black satin dress. Red high heels. Chanel Noir on my skin. I feel good. The music and the prosecco are a great combo. Puts me in the perfect mood. I dance and I’m smiling. Life is good.

Happy new Year!!


Stay inspired and motivated




this is a picture of all the pictures I’ve took with the last sunset of 2018, as seen from my bathroom window.




             Love, Alina





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