Walking into 2019 like…

It’s not a “new year,  new me” post. It’s a positive attitude that started in the autumn of 2018 and continues as I got into 2019. The heavy veil of incertitude towards the future was lifted up just by changing the way I look at things. As simple as that. Truth be told, life is so simple. We tend to complicate it by over thinking ( my case ) and not seeing the beauty in the little things. Luckily, I was able to understand that ( better late than never ) and to slowly change everything inside me. Meditation helped a lot. We thing that we depend on the external factors to make a change in our lives, but the change starts from inside out. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.” I don’t know who said that and I’m too lazy to search on google, but it was right. That’s what I’ve also learn in my college years, studying psychology: “You are not affected by what is happening in your life, but by the level of attention that you give to a specific event. ” That phrase right there changed me and made my life soon much easy.

Honestly I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here but a thing is simple: I am continue to do what I have started last year and I feel amazing. I want to keep things simple ( and my wardrobe by the way ) and to try enjoying every day as it comes instead of trying to control everything. The Universe will do the rest.

Stay inspired.








Sweater Pimkie, Trousers Zara, Shoes Bershka,  Ring Anni Cernea, Necklace and ring Suenos Jewellery 





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