By the lake

There’s something magical in visiting an old Villa at Como lake in a Sunday afternoon. I was there with my sister, last week. I took the opportunity and made some pictures with the dress I received from a very beautiful brand from Los Angels. It’s called Corey Lynn Calter  and you can check them  HERE. I could have made it simple and just take some random photos on the streets of Milan, but this dress deserved better. It’s modern with a vibe of old. The bell sleeves made me think at the Victorian epoch, so the Olmo Villa was a great fit for it.

The construction of the villa started in 1782 and finished 1797. The director of the construction was Simone Cantoni, an eminent architect from Ticino who elaborated on the original project drafted by Innocenzo Ragazzoni also from Ticino. A series of historical visits began soon after construction ended. Among the illustrious guests, of special note are the visits of Napoleone Bonaparte in 1797 and Ugo Foscolo in 1809. In 1835 the Queen of the Two Sicilies and the Queen of Sardinia were quests of the Raimondis’.

Her last owner was Duke Guido Visconti di Modrone who made some changes inside and outside the Villa. In 1924 the villa passed from the Visconti di Modrone to the city of Como.

I don’t know if they usually charge for a visit inside the villa, but in that day, the entrance was free.



















Vintage bag, You can find the dress HERE

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