The good old days of blogging

Here am I, at midnight still trying to upload a story on my Instagram account or engaged with my followers and following content without any success whatsoever, for the second day in a row. Everyone is freaking out and Twitter is on fire with all the hashtags that are going on right now #instagramdown #facebookdown #whatsappdown.

It’s actually funny to observe these reactions all around the world. While is nothing important (truth be told) happening, people are acting like the electric power went down, or we’re running out of water. Calm down people it’s only social media. You don’t loose nothing important, just a couple of selfies or an outfit post that you can’t afford anyway. Trust me, you’re life won’t be affected by that, or it can, but only in a positive way if you choose so.

And while I gave up on trying to post a story I remember that I have this amazing, always functioning, piece of an virtual diary where I can post thoughts and photos anytime I want in limitless quantity. Ohh the good old days of blogging! With all the other platforms down, I can feel again the pleasure and excitement of writing everything that crosses my mind on THE BLOG! And the feeling is so warm and cozy I can almost feel the hug that MY BLOG is giving me! It’s like the granny that always waits for you to visit her and she’s always happy to see you and she treats you well with milk and cookies.

Now more than ever I feel a pleasant joy at the thought that I own this slice of virtual land where I can do whatever I want without being so censured and limited as on the other platforms. Never the quote “don’t put your eggs in one single basket” had more meaning to me, like now. It’s so damn true that whatever a situation you have to assure yourself that you will be fine because you have the card in your sleeve, a plan B and so on. An old saying sounds something like this:” the bird that seats on a tree branch is not afraid that the branch could broke, because she can fly”. It’s my motto in life and I apply it in every single life’s domain.

I was talking the other day with a friend of mine who is a micro influencer also, but she’s kinda tired of Instagram and all the consequences that comes with it, and she told me that she would be glad if IG would go down. I asked her why and she told me that she would feel released. She doesn’t depend on it for making a living because she has a job, as I do, but she entered into this game ( because at the end of the day, instagram is just a game ) and if she steps out now she would feel like she had been defeated.

Now let me explain you what that means:

When someone opens an IG with the main thought of making it a success business and stopes before reaching that goal, it’s a lost battle. Even when you don’t win anything by creating content daily and investing time, energy and money–( that’s why we don’t want your freebies dear brands! Because we invest time, money and energy in our platform and we expect something more than a bag or dress in exchange of our hard work! Thank you )–you cannot give up because you will always live with that annoying question in your head for the rest of your life:”what if”? That “what if” won’t make you sleep in peace at night and will make you feel guilty for giving up on your dreams. But if the system dies, it’s not your fault and you can feel released, moving on and start focusing your attention on something else.

She doesn’t have the courage on giving up on instagram because she would feel guilty afterwards. Feeling that she hasn’t done enough for making her dreams come true. You know the feeling when you want to broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend but you don’t have the courage and he/she tells you that they don’t want to be in that relationship anymore? Well, they made you a favor. That’s the feeling that more than 50% of the people that are using Instagram would feel like. Because 20% of users have success, the rest is only struggling without being able to make that decision.

So dear Instagram, if you die, know that just a few will cry. The rest will celebrate and probably open a blog if they haven’t made it yet.







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