Villa Melzi, Bellagio. A dream location 2

As I said in my previous post, now I will talk a bit about the dream location we had for the photo shoot of Instance Official spring-summer 2019 collection in Bellagio, Como.

We chose the garden of Villa Melzi because it’s one of the most beautiful places in Bellagio. It was a great fit for the delicate, romantic and feminine clothing items we had to shoot.

The entrance costs 6 euros per person and you can visit the whole garden. It’s really big, and I’m sorry we did not have time to explore every corner but I am definitely going back. Anyway at that time I didn’t focused on the location and the pictures I took with my phone can’t make justice to that amazing place but if you google it you be amazed.

As for the second outfit, this pink shirt is definitely my favorite. You can move freely while you look fabulous. The high waisted trousers are also so comfy and versatile.













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