Dear Diary: Where to go in August vacation?

18 July 2019

Dear Diary, so many things happened since I last wrote here. The most important of them all is that I am again an auntie. Ana Beatriz came to this world on 2/07/2019 in perfect health. I’ve never seen my sister Lucia so happy. She’s a completely different person now.  I’m the last one of 5 sisters without kids. They would have to wait because I’m still single.

But the thing that most concerns me is that July is flying out the window and I still haven’t decide where to go on holiday in August!!! I have 3 weeks to take a decision. I already know what I want, I don’t know where to find it.

So, my ideal vacay would be somewhere in a small french village by the sea. I thing I’ve watched too many french movies and now I can’t choose. Movies are filmed in several location in order to create the perfect one. Le’t take the movie Eternitè, for example, directed by Tran Anh Hung. There’s one sequence where the characters are having an amazing time at the beach that looked ripped out of heaven and placed on earth. I was so in awe with that location that I had to find it. And I did. It’s in south of France, and it’s called Calanque d’en Van. I’ve also made a blog post about that place after visiting it. You can find it HERE . ( I apologize in advance for the way too many pictures of me and just 2 with the place.) But in the movie they made it seem like that beach is close to their backyard while the reality is different. In order to reach that beach you have to walk circa 1/2 hours on a rocky road in the woods.

So, these being said, I want a pretty small village, without tourists, just the locals, with cute little houses and gardens, and at least one beach that I can go to by foot. Total silence and bliss. Me, alone, exploring the unknown. Because yes, I’m going alone. My first vacation alone. But first I have to find that place…

Another exciting news: I bought my first camera on film!! AAAAAAA!!! It was quite a spontaneous, unexpected, unplanned purchase. I was on eBay watching these old, vintage analogue cameras and a very classic design caught my attention. It was an open action and without thinking twice I made a bid. Yep… I was the highest bidder so I had to buy it. I’m glad I did. Hope to receive it before going in vacation. Can’t wait to take my first pictures on film. It’s a Yashica J. I’m not good with these kind of things so don’t judge. I know there are better analogue cameras, but I just felt a connection with this one. I almost feel that the camera chose me and not the other way around.

P.S. I really need to start posting pictures and thoughts from my last vacation in Greece. I’ll do my best to make some this week. Until then:

Stay inspired




DSC_1126 2




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