Mykonos, the place where I feel so alive

Mykonos, the island where you slow down.

It’s my second time here and I love everything about this place like I did the first time. Because I have no alarm clock, no plans. It’s the place where I can just be. Doing what I feel, when I feel it. It’s the place where I can be spontaneous. Where time pressure does not exist.

It’s sad that we live in a society where we are so controlled. Our decisions, our minutes, our beings  are so controlled. And we need an escape once or twice a year to can be again who we truly are. To feel the sweet taste of freedom. And for that we choose an island. No matter which one. Just an island where we can detach. Where the noise of traffic is inexistent, where the air has a different smell and the sky is full of stars by night. Even the food tastes different. Our skin is glowing and we have sparkles in our eyes.

Yes, I truly needed that. And I enjoyed every single second. I breath deeply because I want to feel the island inside of me, I listen carefully because every sound is pure music that calms my spirit. And I look with the eyes of admiration because I want to feel present and grateful. The rare moments where I am connected with our planet earth and my higher self. It’s pure bliss. I thank to the sea, the threes, the birds, the sand, the rocks, the sky, the wind, the sun. We are all one.




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