Lucid dreams

Do you have a happy place? I do.

I’ve created this happy place earlier this year when I was in a reality that didn’t fit me. So I closed my eyes and I let my mind wander. In a split second I was in the sea, swimming through the thousands playful lights that the sun creates in the water right before it sets down. You know that sweet, warm golden light that makes us feel so alive. At least that’s how I feel.

Every time I want to escape I turn back to my happy place. Sometimes I just sit on the floating deck soaking in the warm light of the sun that it’s about to set, after a chill swim. Sometimes there’s no floating deck, just me playing in the sparkles. And there’s more about what I am doing and who’s with me in this happy place of mine but I will keep it for myself. ( And no, that doesn’t imply any lover whatsoever, just my whole family. I said this just so you can stop thinking kinky thoughts ).

Anyway who’s familiar with the low of attraction, knows that if you visualize over and over a scene, it will materialize. But visualization is not enough and it will not work alone. You have to feel in your body the things you visualize. Feelings are the REAL SECRET! Every time I was in my happy place I was able to feel the water I was swimming in, the sun on my skin, the sounds around me and how I would feel about all that.

Fast forward in June, while I was in holiday in Milos, Greece, in our last day there, we decided to have a last swim at the Firipotamos beach. We usually turned to our room early to prepare for dinner but that day we wanted to stay longer at the beach because we knew we will miss it badly once we will be back home. After a cool swim that lasted longer than expected ( the water was so inviting, I simply couldn’t get out ) and started to turn blue, I was forced to get out to fix my body temperature. The heat of the sun was so comforting. I was just sitting there watching the sparkles in the water and feeling the sun on my skin when all of a sudden that scene felt so familiar.

Yes, I was in my happy place…literally

And here’s some of the pictures ( and a video ) we took. I will remember this moment forever.


Lucid dreams
Firipotamos beach, Milos Greece







Swimsuit from Chloé, Sunglasses and earrings are vintage



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