Out of my comfort zone

Do more of what you don’t like to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

But that wasn’t my case. The title makes reference to my creative side. That’s what I did with my last photo shoot I had almost two weeks ago in Finale Ligure, with my beloved sister. But still, I am not saying that it was uncomfortable. No. I’m doing this for 4 years now, and if at the beginning I was waiting for everyone to disappear in order to take a photo, now I can pose without any kind of concern or embarrassment. So why I was out of my comfort zone? The uncomfortable come when I had to post the pictures on instagram. I was anxious about it, I overthink the thing at the point of not wanting to post them at all and redo the whole photo session.

Update 31/07/2020

The above text was written two months ago and at this point I have no idea what I wanted to say. I was supposed to post that but for a reason or another I abandoned it in draft and now I don’t know what was that post about. Anyway, in the end I posted the pictures, my sister insisted that it’s not too much, just regular Instagram pictures. I was surprised to see the positive feedback from my followers. So since then I continued with this kind of editorial and I can say that I’ve changed a bit the way I used to create content ( or got back to what it used to be like when I first started in 2016. My first pictures are about legs, legs legs and shoes )

This editorial was about a very chic pair of shoes by Yuul Yie. The vintage look took me to the Italian Riviera where they deserve to be.

Hope you like them too. I had a lot of fun while taking pictures. The weather was gloomy but we learned to adapt and appreciate a good rain.

No rain, no flowers.

Stay inspired



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