COLORFUL Autumn in Venice

No better time to visit Venice than the first days of autumn.

Usually is full of tourists no matter the season but this year, because of Covid-19 travel restrictions, it was so empty. Felt like blending in with the locals.

When I travel, or visit places I like to dress accordingly and I think the Urban Elegance dress from Dorothee Schumacher is the perfect fit for a city like Venice and not only. It has it all! As the designer described it on the site: “Colourful, flowing, sporty, elegant…the dress unites all facets of the collection! Sporty cotton creates utility chic on the sides. Contrasting colourful stripes made of silk will lift your mood even on cold days. Trench elements come into play in a modern way. A definite must-have for the open-minded fashionista!” I couldn’t describe it better.

It’s also really eye catching and that made a woman stopping me to ask where I bought it from. I like when that happens. I do that too when i see a beautiful item on someone.

Do you have the courage to stop someone on the street to ask where does she/he have a certain item?

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