new year, same story, better us

Well hello my dear readers!!

I’ve almost abandoned this blog! It wasn’t my intention, it simply happened, but every time I open it, a feeling of nostalgia and the wish to write or post something, hits me hard. So here I am, writing sweet nothings, posting pictures I like but maybe no one cares about and wondering where we’re heading to?

Last year was a challenging one from all type of views for all of us. This new year is just a follow-up of the last one, but we are different. Something inside us has changed for sure and for the better. We’ve been all in this together, there was no separation. All is one and one is all has finally applied to the habitants of this beautiful planet. I felt that a mass awakening took place. Talking with some of you and realising that we have the same thoughts, the same dreams and the same epiphany is just a confirmation that we are all connected, and we are all guided by the same Divine Source. Those who are like me, and I know you are many, on a beautiful, spiritual journey towards ourselves, know exactly what I am talking about. The needs driven by the ego are replaced by the needs driven by the soul. We’ve come to realize that a career can vanish over night, a business can fail in a matters of weeks, material belongings lose their value in front of a global crisis, but if we took good care of the soul, the spiritual life, then nothing can destabilize us. And when we think that nothing else was left to us, in fact, the most important thing is discovered; who we truly are and what we truly need.

These being said, I send to you all good vibes and please don’t stop this fulfilling journey that is toward your own discovery. NAMASTE

Bellow you can see some of my favorite photos from last year. Growing spiritually helped me grow so much as a content creator also. I know exactly what type of content I want to make and that is so satisfying. Hope this year to post only content I am 100% pleased with. I already made a good step towards that. I deleted the instagram app from the phone and I will download it again when I will have the content I want to post. If I am on the app all day and see the amount of content is being posted, it always make me feel like I don’t post enough and start posting old content or creating irrelevant new one that messes the vibe I want to give on that profile. It may sound shallow, but I think when we create, the stuff we put out there has to show who we are or what we want to express exactly.


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