Those of you who follow me on instagram already know how much I love shoes. Shoes content is my favorite to create. It doesn’t necessary imply an outfit or a specific location. With a bit of imagination you can create amazing shoes content everywhere.

My last work was for Yuul Yie with a marvelous pair of pumps. If you remember, with the same brand I decided to get OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE last year in June. That one was a planned work, something I imagine first and then materialize it, but this one was completely out of the blue. I was jogging with my sister in a park near to our neighborhood when we were passing by a hotel and then it hit me. I knew exactly what content I will create with that pair of shoes freshly arrived. Those two buildings were perfect for the editorial. So we went back home in a rush, took everything we needed for the shoot, and went back in the park. Useless to say that we had spectators, some even filming us ( you don’t see everyday a girl standing with the legs up in the air and another one photographing her ).

The result was beyond my expectation. I didn’t knew what to expect exactly because it wasn’t planned but I was soo satisfied with what came out from that unexpected moment of creativity.

There are days when I search, and search for inspiration and nothing great comes out of that and there are days when I don’t even look for anything and it just hit me. Love the second kind of days because everything happens so quick, the work is done and I am happy with the results. So much time-saving.

So that’s why this editorial is one of my favorite from 2020 and this is the kind of content I would like to continue with. The colors, the light, the fashion magazine vibe, everything is collected in a single picture. Would love to have these elements in all of my pictures from now on.


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