User Generated Content – a new job has arisen

What is this and how it works? Oh hi! long time no talking. Exactly one year. Well I’ve been busy. Lots of things had happened in the last year. I quit my 9 to 5, moved to another country blah, blah, blah. Today is about ugc, user generated content.

What is this?

User-generated content (UGC) is any type of content created by individuals rather than brands. Those individuals create content in almost every shape and form – like social media posts, videos, and blog posts – and share it online with their personal audience.

Sounds pretty simple. I do not know for how long this is on the market, I have a feeling that is quite new, maybe 2 years young or one year young. Anyway in the lasts days this is all I see on tiktok and twitter so I said, hmmm, sounds like something I could easily do. Because creating content is what I am good at, right? Right? 👀

Ok. Let’s clarify a thing; User generated content is not the same as influencing. To be an influencer you need to have a loyal audience, community so you can show your content to and convince them to buy. But with UGS is different because you don’t have to post anything anywhere. The brands are hiring you to create content for them. They will be the ones who will post that content on their social media platforms.

Ok. Now that we got that clear, I am here to say that today, first of July 2022 I finally finished my Portfolio and launched it on Twitter and everywhere I can show it to the people/brans, because I want to be a UGC CREATOR.

So here’s my Portfolio link if you are a brand that is looking for a UGC CREATOR, know that I am a UGC CREATOR that is looking for a brand. Let’s connect

Bellow are some of my latest jobs that you can see on my instagram account too

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