Long time no talking

It’s 00:19 and I am half asleep but for a reason or another I always feel more productive during the night time. Something happens when the night is coming and the silence sets. My brain becomes more active, full of ideas and demands productivity.

It’s been a long time since I haven’t written anything here, but I do have days when I think about my site. My little baby how I used to call it. So here I am, writing thoughts at 00:23, on a cold November Wednesday after I’ve downloaded again the WordPress app. It’s not something that couldn’t wait until tomorrow. It’s just my brain that requires to do this before falling asleep because tomorrow, with all the noise of the day, I won’t be able to hear my thoughts and write them down.

I just finished sending some emails. Those kind of emails that you don’t know for sure if you will receive a reply, but you would love to.

Life was good to me lately. My impulsive way of doing things sometimes complicates it, but other than that, everything is so peaceful. A peace that I was only dreaming of, a year ago. Now I have it. It’s crazy how much your life can change in one year. Changes that you haven’t planned at all. You didn’t even imagined them. But they came into your life and caught you by surprise. Best type of changes if you ask me. I love surprises. Those pleasant surprises that life throws at you every now and then… they are the best.

My passion for photography is still standing strong. I love being the brain behind the camera and the model in front of the camera. My beloved sister is the photographer that helps me give life to my ideas.

I love creating with her. She’s so easy to work with. We’ve been to Tremezzo, lake Como, last week and what we did that day is really beautiful. I’m more and more closer to where I want to be as an artist director. Yes, I’m the Art Director of my content and my life. I like this role. It suits me.

I’m gonna talk more about all the changes in my life. Now I still need time to mentally process them.

Until then, I will continue posting pretty pictures and random thoughts. It’s late. 00:39.

Good night beautiful people.

With love, Alina

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