Movies to watch in the cold, winter days, and not only

I just saw this article (sorry, you know I’m not good with introductions. I’m straight to the subject) while scrolling on Pinterest ( my comfort app ) and as soon as I read it I had the same feeling I have when I see a good picture; “damn! I wish I took that picture!” – “damn! I wish I wrote that article!” Well I did not wrote it, it was wrote by Daniela Chelariu, who writes for the site, and from the last name I understand she is Romanian, as myself. She wrote this article back in the lockdown days. The lockdown is long gone, Thank you God, but there’s always time for a good movie, especially now, with the cold season.

So, I’m letting this link from her article, hoping it will inspire you as much as I was inspired by it.

Trust me, the pictures from the movies are worth reading it.

Love, Alina

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