First time shooting 35mm film ( Yashica J )

Oh my. I took these photos back in the summer of 2019 ( ahahaha saying it like that seems so far away ) and can’t believe I only took the time now, to make a post about it.

Well, I’m not so technical with the camera and its functions so I wont get into the details. I will say just that I bought my first film camera on ebay, it’s a Jasicha J, really old but so beautiful. Love the vintage look. It’s a bit heavy to carry arround because it’s not made from plastic.

These are the pictures from 3 rolles. It took me a while to figure out how to set it, in base at the light outside, everything is manual so… Only after I’ve downloaded the instruction book I’ve made a good use of it, but that was after I’ve almost ruined two film rolles. So not every picture that I had in mind came to life.

The film that I’ve used is Kodak 400, 35mm. Found it on amazon. Not the cheapest price but it’s ok. Funny how we get to spend more on film and developing the pictures, than the actual camera…

So here’s the pictures.

These are taken in Italy, Varezzi with the first film roll. This mirror selfie is the first film picture I ever took.








These are from Lecce, Puglia. I’ve had the opportunity to spend a week there with my friend, Mariana, and got to use it the second time.









This is a self portrait. I used the self timer, but I don’t get it how two pictures get to blend here.


This one is from a short trip to Monte Carlo. I really love the vibe of this picture. Seems like old times


Another self portrait in my apartment in Milan.


August in Imperia, Italy. I was there with my sister for a week. Really beautiful place. So calm. I could feel the vacation. It was my 3th film roll and I hope you can see that the pictures are more clear. I finally understood the settings and the focus.








A warm day of September in a park in Milan.



A cold day of September in Como, Italy.



These are just a few of them. I like the way this camera takes pictures in the day light. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that it doesn’t have a flash incorporated.

I could buy an external flash but it would be too annoyng to carry around two bodies instead of one. I’m a girl of simple things. I don’t like anything complicated. But I really want to take pictures when I go out, by night, so…

That’s why today I took the time to go on ebay in search of a new film camera, this time with the flash incorporated. After a lot of debate and documenting I have found one that fits perfectly all my needs. It’s small, compact, so I can take it with me everywhere, in my pocket or purse, it’s golden and that makes it really chic and the most important thing is the flash! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Minolta Riva 150 zoom. Can’t wait to receive it and take my first night film pictures!!




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