A spontaneous escape to Florence

Saturday afternoon. A nice chilly day of autumn is a great invite to get out the house and meet some friends. But if those friends are spontaneous and crazy as you are, well…that afternoon can transform in something memorable.

I have always thought that Milano is a great city and how lucky I am to live here. And as I like to put myself in someone else’s shoes, I could only imagine how a tourist can feel while is visiting this amazing city. But since I already live here nothing can surprise me anymore ( that’s a bit taking things for granted, I know ) that’s why every now and then I have to be a tourist myself. Usually those trips are planned but this one was something unexpected.

Making a long story short…from what supposed to be an aperitivo in Milano, transformed into a dinner in Florence with a good bottle of red wine and great talk. And while we were talking and eating and drinking ( quality time as I like to call it ) we bothered to look for an accommodation also. We found a beautiful hotel ( Hotel Principe ) which I absolutely loved from the very first step in. The rooms were old style decorated with golden details, the bed was huuuge, I had a really nice sleep and everything was perfect. But the thing that I will never forget is that while we were on our way to the hotel from the restaurant we crossed a bridge ( I don’t know which one, Florence has a lot of bridges ) and because it was so late and so cold I really wanted to arrive faster to the hotel so I took my friends by their hands  ( btw we were two girls and a boy ) and started to run on that  bridge and I remembered the scene from “The dreamers” in the Louvre Museum and while we were running I started yelling ” Books not guns! Culture not violence” and I felt so good like a huge feeling of freedom and happiness had invaded my entire body and brain! I will never forget that. We just kept running and screaming and laughing holding hands!

P.S the day after we had breakfast in bed, we visited the city, we talked about Leonardo da Vinci, we took pictures and collect great memories.

P.S.S Yes, we shared the same bad.


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                                       Blouse – Liu Jo / Black high waisted pants





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