Dear Diary: Why do we eat more when we are tired?

Monday,  1 June 2019

Dear Diary,

I started the day with a big NOOOOO at 6:22. 8 minutes before my alarm clock went on. The reason of that NO was a message my sister Lucia sent in our sisters whatsapp group: “Girls my water broke. I can’t go with mom to the hospital. Alina (me) you should go with her. Or Ioana, ( my other sister who lives in a city near Milano, called Rho with her husband and 3 kids) or Alina you could show to Mihaela where is the hospital and go to work with an hour delay. I don’t know. You girls find a solution”  sent at 3 AM. read at 6:22 in the morning, by me. My big, alarmed “no” scared my sister and my mom who were almost awaken.

I didn’t see it coming. She supposed to give birth in two weeks. Why so early Beatriz? (she’s a baby girl and that will be her name) And why exactly in the day that I can’t arrive an hour late at work? I promised to my colleague that I will replace her. So I make double shift today. Hers in the morning, and mine in the afternoon. 12 hours in total.

I’m a receptionist in a pharmaceutical company. I have to arrive before 8 so I can change in my uniform ( I hate it ) and open the company. I can’t arrive an hour late! Mihaela started to panic because she’d never been at the hospital with my mom and doesn’t have a clue what to do. My mom also. She’s the most negative and paranoic person I know ( guess where I have it from?). Anyway the thought that soon we will know Beatriz, calmed the atmosphere a bit even tho I left the house arguing with Mihaela because she makes too much noise for such an early hour and she started making more just to make me shut up, and of course I didn’t shut up and my mom had to come to make us both shut up.

Now it’s 16:48 and my head and eyes are so heavy. Three more hours to go. But because I can’t sleep, I can’t stop eating. I had lunch in the company’s canteen at 12, first and second course. Only three hours have passed but I already finished an whole almond pack, saltines, a second smoothie, a fruit and I may go to buy something sweet from the vending machine. I don’t drink coffe so there aren’t many options to keep me awake. So I just started writing here. Meanwhile Beatriz is still not born. Mom and sis’ did well at the hospital. I think at many things right now but mostly at food. Every kind. I’m not hungry but I want to eat. Ussualy happens only when I’m tired. Lack of sleep requires quick energy source.

I’m also super frustrated because my instagram page goes so bad. The engagement dropped at half and I really don’t know what to do. I’m preparing another post to public at 18, because that’s the best time to post for me. But I guess they are all in vacation…I work at this project since 2016 and when I finally started to see great results everything has changed over the night…

Let’s call it a day that didn’t go as planned.

Random pictures from my vacation in Greece. Soon on the blog.

P.S. I love greek cuisine

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Why do we eat more when we are tired?

  1. AWWWW I so related to this post Alina!!! I also had a job that was exhausting for so long and would make me want to eat so much from stress!!! And Instagram is just so stressful too! But congrats to your sister! Sending you LOTS os love!!!!




    1. Thank you Asha!! I just started this new category “Dear Diary” where I want to write whatever crosses my mind. I find it to be more authentic. Those days I was really struggling to stay on my track but sometimes life happens and we need to adjust. And in this diary 📔 it’s funny to see how things change so much and differ from one day to another. I’m amazed by how many things we need to face on a daily basis!! We are such strong human beings!


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