escapade in Portofino – end of february feels like summer

We’ve been spoiled with lots of good weather at the end of February, here in Itlay so we took advantage of it and decided ( very spontaneous ) to go to Portofino in a short Sunday trip.

We took the train From Milan Cental Station to Santa Margherita Ligure and from there the bus to Portofino. The tickets were cheap, from milan to S.M. Ligure cost 30 euro ( both ways ) and the bus ticket from S.M. Ligure to Portofino was 5 euros ( both ways ).

Of course I had to do some pictures for a collaboration with Glamira Jewelry and I chose to do them there. They come out pretty good. I am super satisfied. They have that Italian Riviera vibe which I love so much.

I used to go in Portofino often before 2020. Last year I haven’t and now it was kind of a surprise to see it so empty, but it’s also February so…

Anyway, with that occasion I also filmed my very first VLOG!!! Still can’t believe I am doing vlogs now!! But I am aware of how lucky I am to live in Italy and to visit all these gorgeous places, it’s a shame not sharing them with you!

It’s not perfect, I filmed it, edited and upload it on YouTube with my iPhone 7 so please, be kind. If I will continue to do vlogs I will buy a camera and edit them on the computer, but if I am not 100% that this is what I want to do, I will do them on my phone.

In the next post I will share the pictures I made there.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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